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It is He Who has created man from water: then He has established relationships of lineage and marriage: for your Lord has power (over all things).
It is He Who has created man from water: then He has established relationships of lineage and marriage: for your Lord has power (over all things).   [Qur'an, 25:54]

The best Mahr is the one which is easiest (to be paid).
[Hadith from: Al-Haakim and Ibn Maajah]
Welcome to Muslim Nikah Services, a truly unique one-of-a-kind Muslim Marriage website that is not only dedicated towards helping Muslims from around the globe in finding their ideal match, but also serve as an informative resource for keeping a successful and lasting marriage along with providing helpful information on how to develop and nurture successful families under Islamic principles and guidelines.  We are currently seeking new member registration worldwide for those who have already begun (or just beginning) the process of searching for their life-partner in Islam.  We sincerely hope, and will diligently work towards making your experience a very successful and unforgettable one, Insha'Allah.  We currently have a very special pre-launch offer for the first 1000 members (who Register below), will receive FREE Full Premium Membership privileges (limited time).  If you are sincere in your search for your better-half, why not simply join us and be a part of a Muslim Marriage community that is dedicated to acquire and profile quality single people who are also serious in getting married for the establishment of a truly lasting and mutually beneficial marital union and family life.

At Muslim Nikah Services, we will work to provide you with the unique and practical information along with the "search tools" that will greatly help in simplifying the 'research process', creating your very own unique personal Success Story for the many years to come, Insha'Allah!  Ready to take the first step for the most important life-changing journey for the love of Allah (swt)?  If so, simply fill out and submit the preliminary form below; you will complete a more detailed profile for yourself, upload pictures, etc. later when the site is ready.  Upon successful completion of your Registration below, you will receive confirmation for your free trial Premium Membership Registration via email.  We shall keep you informed and you will be notified once the site is complete and ready to 'go-Live', God Willing.

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The following video is an excerpt from "Let the Quran Speak" with Brother Shabir Ally (Imam of Islamic Information and Da'wah Centre International - Toronto, Canada), discussing the simplicity of Nikah outlining the basic requirements in view of the classical tradition.
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